Our Philosophy

BLR is far more than a clothing company; it is an inspirational lifestyle brand. BLR bears the mission of a credo that goes beyond any emblem of status. Wearing BLR means more than sporting a brand, for this logo is stitched deeper than any label. Three words, believe, love, and respect, encircled with a circular symbol of both simplicity and permanence, denotes that BLR is a philosophy. To be a BLR is way of life, one that focuses on self-improvement, as well as extending the opportunity for improvement to others. To be a BLR, means to want to be better.


B.elieve+L.ove+R.espect add up to the three crucial components of a mantra. BLR strives, before anything else, to apply these three precepts in a way that is literally a wearable invitation to community-wide positivity. The BLR circle, founded upon tenants of belief, love and respect, is one of an unbreakable circumference, for these are the tools of acceptance and assistance. To be a BLR in this sense, is to play and view the world in a whole new way.

Do not just wear the garment. Embrace what it means. Find someone in need and share some BLR. As a brand on paper, this translates to applying proceeds to veritable causes. And so came the pledge to assign 10% of proceeds on a quarterly basis to rotating charities, with a focus on paying it forward. Much like the circular logo, Believe, Love, Respect, and it WILL come full circle.

It is important for all of us to understand being a BLR is more than just‎ athletic prowess or ability; you must B.elieve, L.ove, R.espect whatever your passion is. Be it the arts, athletics, or academics, be a BLR in your own field.

Consistently challenge yourself and climb to new heights.

Two women wearing white and gray casual outfit — Middletown, NY — BLR Athletique

Based on a three-pronged philosophy (B.elieve L.ove R.espect),we comprise a community for those in search of achievement.


Achieve BLR status

A BLR lives by a promise. The promise to
B.elieve. Belief is accepting possibility. You must believe, believe you are a part of something. Believe you can L.ove. Love is the shared amity that connects community into kindred—people who are kind to one another. To love, is to want to be better. To want to better your community. Be kind to your kindred. Achieve along with The promise to R.espect. Respect is the acceptance of others. We are a wearable indulgence in tolerance that relentlessly signifies respect.


Man wearing black t-shirt while on the motorcycle — Middletown, NY — BLR Athletique



A BLR goes beyond.
While a clothing line represents a style, the BLR line aims for something that touches beyond just quality apparel. It carries the concept of community, and the promise to give back. These concepts unite into positivity and inclusion, and together we strive for symbiosis on a communal level. To receive, is to return. Full circle.

B.elieve Be L.ove Be R.espect



Join the circle. Be a part of the family. Be a BLR.


What kind of BLR are you? More than just clothing, we hope to connect to you, be it on the courts, the streets or supermarket aisles. A BLR is the artist with the easel. The climber on the mountain. The individual in the community. Everybody, just be the BLR you can be.